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Taiyaki (VRC Puppet & Hand or Tail Asset, Physbones, Low Poly)

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Under 10k Tris

Physbones "Head" proximity "Chomp" animation!*

*Note that this animation is premade but will need to be edited to match your specific avatar's armature hiearchy! It's not too hard and I try my best to have each step written in the Read Me. Just be aware.

Fully rigged fish mesh with jiggly Physbones

Blendshapes Including:


  • Long
  • Short
  • Tall
  • Wide

Ice Cream:

  • Chomp

Hand Puppet Version In-Game Menus:

  • Fish and Ice Cream "Flavor" slider! (Hue)
  • Switch left or right hand!
  • Turn off ice cream!

Easy to Edit Textures:

  • Colors editable in Unity! (specifically poiyomi)
  • Substance file
  • PSD file
  • Shading is on a "Decal" layer in poiyomi so it stays with edits!
  • Glitter ice cream!

Required Assets

Suggested Assets

Avatars 3.0 Manager

Disclaimers & Use

  • This is NON-REFUNDABLE. Assets cannot be returned as there is no way to return the mesh & associated files.
  • By using this asset you will not hold the maker responsible for any liability of damage claims in relation with these assets.
  • Resale/redistribution/commercial use of this asset is not allowed.
  • Re-texture commissions are allowed if you and your client or maker both have purchased this asset.
  • This asset is not to be used for hate speech against minority groups, bigotry, racism, anti-semitism etc.
  • Please let people know where to find this asset!! It helps a lot!
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Taiyaki (VRC Puppet & Hand or Tail Asset, Physbones, Low Poly)

3 ratings
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